Construction Clients

From Our Clients

"It is a privilege to be able to write a letter of recommendation, highlighting the excellent services of the guys at O'Malley Construction. My company has contracted with O'Malley Construction five times over the past seven years to handle five different projects ranging from a 26,000 sq. ft. raw green space buildout to an 18,000 sq. ft. upgrade of an existing facility. Every project we have engaged in with the O'Malley team has been completed at or below their proposed budget and well within the construction time frames that had been promised. Through O'Malley we have had the experience of working with several different crews and sub-contractors and all have been professional, courteous and produced high quality work. During a full floor build-out at 161 N. Clark several years ago, a mistake in the bidding requirements to place hardwood floors in the lobby was uncovered when it was found the concrete floors were not as level as previous tbought. Without any prolonged discussions, Tom O'Malley stepped in, took ownership of the omission and kept the project moving forvard on time and under budget. It is situations like this that have solidified our confidence and trust in tbe O'Malley team. Amata Office Centers will continue to rely on the expertise of the O'Malley team in future construction projects and would highly recommend anyone to give them the opportunity to work on future projects."
Ron Bockstahler, CEO Amata, LLC
“I became acquainted with O’Malley about two years ago while installing a high-end telepresence system at HSBC in Chicago.  They had been hired by HSBC to remodel the room where our equipment was being installed.  I was so impressed by their helpfulness, positive attitude, workmanship, and creative thinking, I immediately thought of them when we introduced an Immersive Room video system.  It requires that the room be custom built out for the video system – something we had never had done before. I initially considered O’Malley an installer but now, after working with them on about ten of these rooms, I consider them a valued partner.  They have taken ownership of the projects by suggesting product improvements, fabricating materials to improve installation schedules, managing and taking on tasks outside the original scope and serving as consultant on projects in Europe and Asia. I credit O’Malley with helping in a big way to make this product a success.  I have had countless positive comments from my customers.”
Mark Clifton TANDBERG
“VOA has with O’Malley on multiple projects over the years and I am confident in their abilities. Over the years, I have recommend them to my clients and all of them were very satisfied with O’Malley’s team. They care about what they do and I think it shows.”
Michael Toolis VOA Architects
“I have worked with all different types of contractors throughout my career and O’Malley ranks right up there at the top. The level of communication, their attention to detail and their team approach puts them ahead of their competition.”
Michael Curran Jones Lang LaSalle
“The crew at O’Malley really stepped up to the plate. They offered great ideas for cost-savings and efficiency and my new office is exactly what I was looking for when this process began. I would refer O’Malley Construction to any doctor in search of a contractor. They understood my time constraints, budget and needs better than I did.”
Dr. Rudy Dolezal
“The staff really enjoys the space and so do I. The patients are blown away at the difference between our old office and the new space. I am really proud of the end result. O’Malley was great to work with.”
Dr. Richard Marshall